Friday, September 3, 2010

Cranebrook Park in The Woodlands Texas

Deep in the west of The Woodlands lies a fairly new village park which is quite different and quite compact. This is closer to a traditional park, lacking the customary feel of a heavily wooded and natural park of The Woodlands. Nevertheless it is convenient, first class and very worth frequenting.
Sterling Ridge Village Swimming Pool
Parking area
Children's play area
Children's play area
Soccer field
BMX Bicycle track
This is a nice bicycle track mainly for recreational cycling by our youth. It is a place where one could work to improve competitive skills right here in The Woodlands. Step up to one of the AMA tracks such as the nearby Armadillo BMX race at I45 and FM 1488.1
The pavilion here can be rented by calling in advance of your function, like other parks in The Woodlands. 
This unique spot in the park is great to sit down and relax. I saw some moms with their babies here on a weekday morning. 

On Cranebrook Dr. When traveling west on Woodlands Pkwy, take a left. It is located just south of The Woodlands Parkway. 


Town Green Park The Woodlands Texas

Flags on lake Woodlands Dr in front
This is an important park visited by many people but mostly for events along the Woodlands Waterway. It is rather simple but a pretty grass park that connects Lake Robbins Drive  frontage to the waterway. It is located adjacent to the Cynthia Ann Pavilion. Parking is simply anywhere you can find it. The Waterway can be crossed from the pavilion parking lots, so the Green or Orange parking lots are close by, as well as nearby street parking. The closest place to park near the entrance on Lake Robbins Dr is the library parking lot.  Runners in Town Center frequent this park along with the waterway pathways.
Entrance sign
Children's hands at entrance
Grass park with waterway taxis in back
Walking the pathway into the park, one finds the restrooms on the west or right side of the entrance.  When inside the park, there will be plenty of grass.
Outdoor amphitheater
water fountain next to amphitheater
You can arrive and leave via the trolley which stops right behind the park on the waterway path.
Like all Woodlands parks, visitors may walk their dogs in the park but must follow the rules for pets. Two years ago, this park had special rules. Now those rules are in place at all Woodlands parks. Please! Honor the rule for no "park poop".

There is also a seating view overlooking the waterway, a children's garden and a sculpture garden.