Friday, April 10, 2009

Tamarac Park The Woodlands Texas

I visited this park for the first time today and was pleasantly surprised at its "friendliness". The restrooms are located near the entrance, so you know where they are, from the start. Access to the normal amenities are at the front also, such as the tennis courts and the basketball courts. There are some interesting and very old trees such as those covered in vines. I noticed two pines "kissing", a phenomenon when two trees are planted or seeded too close together. The park is full of mature trees of various species. To me this place felt like an old established park, such as Herman in Houston. That is a compliment, not a criticism. Sitting on a bench and enjoying this place is quite the thing to do. In fact, if you are with your spouse or friend, there is a swing under a large old tree that you might want to visit. There is some rich history at this location as noted on this sign dated July 4th, 1984.It is in the heart of the old logging site. This sandy floor volleyball court is located up front as well. The pavilion is about in the middle, on a small pond. I counted three tables inside. There are actually two ponds located here. I like this location with two tables right on the "point" where a picnic can be assembled right in front of the fountains. One pond is rather large with tri-fountains having a high trajectory of water and producing plenty of white noise for visitors. Not all paths are concrete. This park has several dirt paths for the children to explore and even for adults to get to picnic tables. This one leads to the tri-fountains. In this pond, there are large Koi. The playground equipment here is clean and ready for the little ones. This is a skate friendly park. I saw about 10 youngsters practicing there on their skateboards while I was walking through the park.

This is also a dog friendly park. It is the newest park in The Woodlands to provide a dog social and play area. Click here for article on that part of the park. 

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dfhardwick said...

Thanks for the info on our park. We love it and love this area of Grogan's Mill.