Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Creekwood Park, The Woodlands Texas

This park is genuinely a very beautiful park. Some days, I meander in the park to watch the ducks. This particular evening in the Spring of 2009, there were Mallards and Wood Ducks.

This park is widely known for its fishing (there is almost always someone fishing here like this gentleman) and its wheel friendly area.

It is located across from McCullough school. There is a place on the walk paths near the pool that has an interesting montage of leaves laid there by someone shortly after the concrete was laid. There is a variety of ducks on the pond. This pair caught my fancy. There are catfish and bass in this catch and release pond. Each year, the association provides a catfish fishing tournament here (keep what you catch) and a fishing training class for youngsters. It has the usual pool, a soccer field, basketball court, tennis court, tables, and a pavilion. Nice family park being enjoyed by father and daughter one warm, Spring day. Click on picture for larger view.

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Michelle said...

My family and I frequent this park, as it is the closest one to our home. I love it; it's beautiful! I just don't think your pictures for it did it much justice! I think people would like to see the vast field, the bike/skate area and maybe more pictures of those ducks. It's pretty easy to snap shots of the turtles that are always peeping out of the water, too! :) One more thing: that soccer field is a great place to fly kites. It's one of the few areas that you don't have to worry too much about trees getting in the way.

indianspringsguy said...

I upgraded the photos. I hope this helps.