Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Southshore (Dragon Park)

Southshore (also known as Dragon Park)is popular for some folks. Fishing is one attraction. One will often see people fishing on the rocks on near the pavilion there. This park is also popular for a night visit to view the lake and homes along the lake. It is a romantic spot and one will often see couples holding hands and walking the park in the evenings. It is a place for a picnic with usually plenty of green grass and a good view of the lake. Access is not necessarily easy. One needs to park on the west side off of the road on the parkway, or park away and walk to the park via the pathway(s) which go to nearby streets. There are plenty of ducks in the park. It is normal to see this bird on the head of the dragon. He typically spreads his wings out like this to flirt with the girls.

The pavilion and green grass makes this a good place to stop on a Sunday afternoon just to get outside with the family. It provides photo opportunities for the family.

As one travels west or east on Woodlands Parkway, it is very easy to miss what occurs under the bridge. The Egrets, ducks and various other water birds are feasting around the lake's dam. The scene next to Southshore Park (known by some as Dragon Park because of the green dragon in the water) is one to be seen by the visitors to the park. The birds are somewhat skittish and remove themselves from the water should a person approach, but stay close to their favorite feeding grounds, ready to return as soon as it gets quiet enough.

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