Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cattail Park

Cattail Park is right on Cochran's Crossing. It is popular for its dog friendly area complete with poop bags. This very nice area park usually has plenty of parking. The park is adjacent to the creek. Some of the low lying areas right next to the park floods and leaves swampy areas nearby. The baseball diamond The dog park will often have quite a few pets running about. If you take your loved one here, make sure he has his vaccinations in order. He will be socializing with other dogs.
Woodlands Dog Park Club - rules and safety tips There is a small gazebo that can be rented from the Parks department. Tennis courts and childrens' area

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Nicole S said...

The park is a great place to take your dog, however, the last time I took my dog to the park a man kicked her. He claimed my dog and another dog ganged up on his dog. I was close by and heard no growling and did not see a "mad" pile of dogs. What I did see was this man using my dog like a football trying to kick a field goal. I justed wanted others to be aware and watch out for their own dogs.