Friday, August 20, 2010

Terramont Park

This beautiful place is one of my favorites. It has a rather large hill for these parts, covered in grass.  This hill is the outstanding feature of this park, great for a picnic. Another special feature of the park is it's nine hole disc golf course. That course is listed with photos in DG Court Review. The small pavilion would be perfect for small group events such as a birthday party or a multi-family picnic. Like all Woodlands parks, to use the pavilion, it should be reserved in advance.

To me, this is a classic family park for an adhoc spontaneous visit on a nice Texas day (and they are all nice, right?). 
I got to wondering about Disc Golf when I visited this park. For one, how do you play it? For another, why do we have such a sport here? I cannot answer the second question or really the first. For the life of me, I do not know if anyone uses this facility or not. I have never seen anyone there, but I have been there only three times, so what do I know? Basically, this is a form of Frisbee and golf but don't take that lightly. This is a professional sport and it is available in many communities. Click here for simple some advice on holding and throwing the disc .  If you want, you can Google the sport and learn how it is played - fairly simple.

I saw some evidence  of wildlife here and sure enough encountered a couple of deer on the perimeter of the park.  With the soccer field, the bathrooms, the tennis courts, and the dog park, I rate this park high on my list for diversity and just a good place for the family. By the way, I saw a children American football team there on a Saturday morning with their parents for a practice on that hill. They rented the pavilion and consumed all the parking. 

GPS coords: 30.201730, -95.556706
Branch Crossing at Terramont

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